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Год: 2007
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At top speed, an ornate box turtle can cross the length of a football field in about 7 minutes. While not a blazing pace, it's faster than the eastern box turtle, which clocks in at 20 minutes. It's a good thing these reptiles don't have to outrun predators. Instead, they have amazing shells for protection. Unlike other turtles, box turtles can close their shells completely to keep predators out. After danger passes, box turtles resume their search for food, warmth, and places to rest. Learn more in this edition of Nature Watch.
Название книги "Box Turtles", автор - Lynn M. Stone. Это небольшая по количеству страниц научно-популярная книга, которая посвящена такой группе рептилий, как коробчатые черепахи. Книга содержит небольшой количество цветных фотографий, некоторые факты из биологии коробчатых черепах.